About me


Hey there.

This blog speaks for itself, but to give you some context, here are a few things about me:

The “official” version:  I have a marketing communications firm in Boston called “Bridge Communications”, specializing in brand positioning, marketing campaigns and fund raising for non-profits.  Prior to that, I was the Political Director for Gerry Studds, the first openly gay Member of Congress.  I’ve lived in Boston for 18 years and have raised over $35 million for Democratic candidates and non-profits along the way.

Now, the “real” version:

  • First and foremost, I’m a storyteller. For more than 20 years, I’ve helped some great folks create and tell their stories. That path has taken me through the worlds of academe, politics, heath care, real estate, business, and organized religion. Now, I’m doing less of that and more of creating and telling my own story.
  • You also should know that I’m a Texan. Not a faux Texan like 41 and 43, but a real Texan who, while I see the people of my state get smaller in their views, is forever in awe of the largesse of the wisdom of Texas soil (btw, not all Texans are narrow-minded; I know quite a few who could out-progressive the most passionate East Coast liberal!).
  • Next, I’m gay. And after a pretty serious stint in gay politics, I increasingly wonder which side of the looking glass we’re on when it comes to gay rights. Are we seeking “rights” or assimilation and acceptance? And do labels such as “gay”, “straight”, “trans”, “bi”, etc, etc even matter any more? Questions—folks. Just questions.
  • Finally, you should know that, in the words of Rumi, I’m in a period of my life where I’m “dying before death.” No, I don’t have a terminal disease (though docs didn’t think I’d live past 10. So much for Western medicine!). Instead, for the past three years I have, in the words of a former professor “experienced what most people only see in the final moments before they do die. Put another way, what most folks witness for 2-3 seconrds, I’ve been witnessing for—last count—94,670,778 seconds. And that has been an amazing, transformational experience. One that’s much harder to come out of the closet about than being gay, but one that—ultimately—more than anything defines who I am today and why this blog is here.

Any questions about this? Drop me a line at jpshaman@aol.com or post a comment here.

In the meantime, enjoy the moment.


4 responses

23 04 2009
Tom Cowan

Will, I like this blog. Great story about Alex. I agree with the cyncism around that Susan Boyle episode. She deserves better than she got. As you go on the road, where will it take you? Is this literally on the road — Kerouakesque? Whitmanesque? Or some combo of asphalt and soul journey?

Be well, and keep me in touch. I’m not a good blog reader. I have to be nudged.


26 04 2009

You’re my newest and, I suspect, favorite bookmark. If I weren’t so in love with Jim, I’d be trying to maneuver a drunken Kalin to the top of a very vertiginous flight of stairs. XOXOXO

9 05 2009

Hi Will-kins,

I love that you’re finally OUT – not the gay stuff, the spirit stuff! It’s an interesting path you’re walking. And it’s nice to bump into you on the trail from time-to-time.

WOuld love to see a drunken Kalin at the top of a vertiginous flight of stairs. That’s usually us, yes?

6 06 2009

I’m happy to see where your journey is taking you.
Thank you for what you do.

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