About the blog

Spending too much time defining a blog called “Moment to Moment” is a bit ridiculous. It completely misses the intent behind creating this blog in the first place.  But, what I guess I can do is say a few words about the intent behind the name…and the blog.


Why Moment to Moment?

Because we live in a world that is blind to the present. Folks are so busy clinging to the past or dreaming about the future that they miss all that really can be known: this moment. As I see it, the only way to be alive is to be in the moment. Otherwise, you’re just a dead being…waiting to be taken from the nothing of birth to the nothing of death.

Now, the trick to being in the moment lies in peeling back the masks that cover it up, that distract us.  Masks that we create..and that we let others create for us.  So, perhaps see this blog as an examination and a peeling back of masks.

Why Reflections from Life’s Banquet?

Two reasons:

First, this blog is but a reflection..of what I see. It’s my truth, not the truth.  Because there’s no such thing as the truth.  It’s all relative, baby (not to mention folly)!   One of my favorite lines comes from Osho who says that there is only one Christian—and that was Christ. There is only one Buddha…and that was Buddha (and so on). You can impart your own wisdom from the reflection of their experiences. But their path can never be your path. You must seek, create and follow your own…and there are no footsteps for you to trace. OK, maybe not “must”. I mean, you can follow someone else’s path (and the churches and yogi retreat centers are equally full of people who do just that), but what’s the fun (or living) in that?

Second, because another of my favorite quotes comes courtesy of Auntie Mame—a campy Osho if you will. She said, “Life’s a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death.” For many years, I took that to mean life should be approached with a voracious appetite—one that devours everything, including the scenery. Increasingly, I see it as meaning “savor, savor, savor”; or “relish each precious drop of life and be fully satiated each moment…because this moment could be it…and who wants to go into eternity on an empty stomach?!?!


The main reason I’m writing this blog is to release the writing I do every day.  There’s a lot of it and I find that unless I release it, it clogs up future creativity.  Do I care who reads this?  Or have a target audience in mind?  Nope and nope.  Really, I just need a good release valve and a blog seems to fit that bill.

The other intent behind this block is, perhaps, to illuminate the sleepy, lazy state of American discourse, of American life, today.  We live in a 5-second spin cycle world.  We don’t reflect (we hire others to reflect for us).  We don’t question (we simply put people and ideas in neat little boxes of being ‘for us’ or ‘agin us’);  That’s no way to live.

I miss what I call “dinner table conversation”.  The kind of honest, free-wheeling conversation you have with friends–friends you can disagree with passionately and still love madly. The kind that challenges, liberates, frustrates and thrills you. Conversation that’s alive, of the moment.  Conversation where words are springboards for exploration not walls of suppression. Perhaps this blog will illuminate places to have just those types of conversations.  But the intent ends with the illumination.  What folks do with that–nothing, something, somewhere in-between–is their journey, not mine.

So, there you have it. Moment to Moment.  Reflections from Life’s Banquet.

Questions? Shoot me an email at jpshaman@aol.com or post a comment here. And enjoy the moment…


One response

23 04 2009

Will –

I love this endeavor. You most certainly are a teller of stories (I suspect this may be hereditary). I found this is a well-thought out blog and I’ve enjoyed taking the time to read it all. There’s much to think about in every tab and in each section. You’ve very nicely laid out some interesting issues and posed some thoughtful questions. Reading this blog requires some introspective searching as a result.


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