Finding peace amidst poledancing and sand

7 06 2009

Two moments over the past 16 hours shed light on the importance of finding peace amongst chaos…and the pure folly of all that we call life.

Last night, my husband and I went to a Sound Temple program at Boston’s Back Bay Yoga.  Led by Christine Tulis, the premise behind Sound Temple is that “sound brings us into harmony with our essential nature.”  Translation:  Christine and her very cool band create space where sound transports listeners to a place of inner peace.

That was the intent behind last night.  Here’s the reality:  the oh-so-OM Back Bay Yoga studio sits directly beneath a poledancing “training” studio.  And those poles were training fast and furiously…and passionately…last night!!  The ladies (and perhaps men, perhaps even live animals) were slip, sliding, grunding away while those of us downstairs tried to find our inner peace.  Our peaceful search for a Soul Temple collided with their rowdy, bawdy celebration of a Pole Temple!

Christine and the “temple keepers” (god, people love process!) kept apologizing for the noise from above.   I loved it.  It reminded me of how ridiculously superficial the pursuit of “peace” in controlled, quiet–well, peaceful–spaces is.  Anyone can find peace, Zen, bliss, whatever in a peaceful place. The trick is to find your peace–your self, YOUR soul temple–amidst the chaos of the “real world”….amidst the chaos of the mind (which, after all, creates that world).  Those pole dancers last night, to me, were simply the mind rat-a-tat-tat-tatting around our temple—daring us, testing us, to let go of the illusions of life, of the mind, and fall–freely and easily, within.  What an awesome gift!  Viva la poledancers!!

This morning, a friend of mine sent me this clip via Facebook.  It’s about a New Zealand guy named Peter Donnelly who they call the Sand Dancer. He uses a stick and a rake to create amazing works of art on the shoreline during low tide.  The piece is beautiful not only for WHAT he creates, but also for both its celebration of the true spirit of creation (as coming from the divine, not the “artist”) and its reminder of life’s folly (why cling to any thing or any one if none of it matters?).  Click here for a short intro courtesy of CBS News; if you want to watch a longer piece, check out the 10 min video below)

Hope your day is filled with your own sand dancing…with or without poles!!




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8 06 2009

My favorite post to date… keep em coming!!

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