What do you do when you’re all alone?

22 05 2009

This question came to me this morning during my drumming time.    What do you do when you’re all alone?

It seems there are three answers:

Perhaps you dance and sing–expressing the wildness of your soul. Or maybe you break down and cry–releasing sorrow that you keep contained as you navigate this illusion we call reality.  An illusion that, at least in America, demands toughness, not tenderness.  Either way, when you’re alone you open the door to your soul and let it flow freely.  Even if only for a moment.

Or, maybe you’re the type who just sits when you’re alone–anxiously waiting for that moment when you won’t be alone anymore.  Because it is through others that you feed your soul.  Like one who is an entertainer–but not an artist–you crave the attention, the approval–the very oxygen of others.  It is through others that you come alive.  When the others are not there, you starve (a “spirit anorexic” as a friend calls it) and fidget.  Unable to feast on the banquet of your own soul or befriend yourself.

Of course, we know there’s a third type of person.  One who does when she is alone what he does when he’s not alone.  One who always is alone with self–in a crowd or an empty room.  One who is happy.  Who dances her dance or sings his song regardless of the situation.  One who is alive.

Which person are you…at this moment?  What do you do when you’re alone?




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