A moment to turn in

18 05 2009

“Seek and ye shall find.”  In so many ways, Christ’s words have been my mantra these past three years as I’ve struggled to, first, find my footing and, then, respond to the call that came at the most inconvenient time in the most inappropriate of places (in others words, at the perfect time!).

It’s a call so many wonderful souls I’ve encountered along this path seem to be trying to answer.  They’re not–we’re not–alone.

Several years ago, the New York Times had to create a separate best seller list for self-help books because they were squeezing out traditional fiction and non-fiction.  Obama was elected because he had the audacity to hope (and we voted for him because we had the audacity to “hope” that he’d wave a magic wand and make all our troubles disappear–requiring “them” to change, but not “us”).

Yes, we are a nation of seekers.  There are two problems.

First, the answer lies not outside.  It’s not in a new president, in a self-help book, on TV or at a yoga retreat.  It’s within us.  As Rumi says of lovers (“Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. They are in each other all along.”), so can we say of seekers.

And, second, it’s not “the” answer, either.  To  paraphrase Osho, Christ’s answer worked for Christ; Buddha’s worked for Buddha; Muhammed’s for Muhammed.  They sought…and found..their own path.  It is only because so few do that we hold them up as saviors, prophets and the like.

We each carry our own answer…”AN” answer, uniquely, wondrously ours.  Sure, Christianity, Buddhism, and Islam carry clues, tips and directions to seeking our own truth.  But why in the world would you abdicate to someone else–no matter how wise (or popular)–the most fundamental gift of your life:  to create and live your truth?

Are we put here simply to re-trace the footsteps of someone else.   To live a “Groundhog Day” of Spirit where it’s the same scene, the same lines over and over.  Really…don’t you think God, the Spirits or whatever deities you believe in are a bit more creative and original than that??

I do.

That’s why I’ve come to believe that the “calling” of three years ago wasn’t some grand summon to THE mountaintop.  Nah, it was a call to let go of all the “stuff” society tells us is important..the bills, the politics, the drama we create to keep life intellectually stimulating (and dreadfully dull!).  To let go and dance my own footsteps.  Laughing at the realization that they are footsteps that wash away as soon as I create them, but my footsteps nonetheless.

Anyone wanna dance?




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